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National Transportation Week

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My favorite week of the year  Like having Christmas in May.  I pasted in the President’s  proclamation.  While I disagree with his comments on rail being ”  slow and backed up”,  as average train speeds have improved the last few years and the railroads invest heavily in their own infrastructure,  I am glad  that at […]


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One of my favorite quotes about transportation of all time. I get a tear in my eye every time I read it. Like air, food, water, sex,  and taxes.. Transportation is essential to life. ” Transportation is a base element of life. In nature it is responsible for propagation and sustenance; Its influence on society […]

National Transportation Policy

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The Department of Transportation is 3 years from it’s 50th anniversary. This quote from Transportation  Management, Economics, Policy,   John L. Hazard,  Cornell Maritime Press, Inc.  1977,  page 552 ,  is still relevant 36 years later:   Despite, the formation of the Department of Transportation in 1966, the nation still lacks a single transportation policy and […]

Importance of Transportation to the Economy

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From Stuart Daggett, Principles of Inland Transportation, 4th Edition (New York : Harper and Brothers, 1955) pp., 15-16, as referenced in Transportation in America, Donald V. Harper( Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey,  Prentice-Hall,Inc., 1978), page 4. ” An obvious benefit that society derives from goods  property or freight transportation is that it enables consumers to enjoy […]