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Top 10 Supply Chain Initiatives 2014 World Trade WT100

By on Tuesday February 11th, 2014 in Supply Chain, Trends. No Comments.  From Elemica,   with a focus on process industries.  What is your supply chain getting ready for in 2014? One I can add is,  In the Midwest one has to be mitigating supply chain  risk from relentless snow storms and sub zero temperatures!!   If you have any others, send them on. Elemica, a […]

Questions a TMS Must Answer

By on Tuesday January 28th, 2014 in Joe in the Press, Quotes, Transportation Management Systems. No Comments.

Link to Supply Chain Collaborator Blog on A five part series answers questions on what  a best in class TMS needs to offer a shipper. I had the privilege of providing input for part 1. TMS solutions are no longer just for ” big” shippers. With SAAS(software as a solution) and cloud computing […]