Provide clients with pragmatic transportation strategies grounded with real world experience that are implementable, not just theoretical, utilizing my 40 years as a transportation professional with shippers, motor carriers, NVOCC, public warehouse, and a domestic freight forwarder.

Part of my mission is to educate shipper clients that there is more to transportation than the rates you negotiate, regardless of the mode type. Points that I will be stressing:

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  • Total delivered cost is what shippers should be looking at, not just rates.
  • The proper role of bids/RFP’s.  Every lane should not be bid yearly. Every shipper has a segment of lanes that lends itself to bidding, not the entire network.
  • Mode conversion to intermodal, rail box car, pool distribution, and Trans Loading.
  • Managing inbound transportation (commodities, packaging, ingredients, MRO, etc.).
    • If you don’t manage an inbound lane, at the very least ensure the rate the supplier is paying is reasonable.
  • Transportation capacity planning, seasonal shipping strategies, and spot market rate understanding.
  • Proper definition of on time delivery measures for all the participants, transportation, customer service, sales, carrier, and customer.
  • Metrics are you and your carriers aligned on the right aspects of the business to measure.
  • Impact to cost and service of Federal and State regulations.
  • The power of benchmarking rates versus the market and what other shippers are paying.
  • Becoming a preferred or strategic shipper with specific carriers.
  • Strategic and Smart outsourcing.
  • Understanding the overall cost and customer perception of refusals and returns.
  • In new site selection analysis, ensuring that the total cost and service implications of transportation are properly analyzed.
  • Educating internal and external stake holders on market conditions impacting cost and service.
  • Don’t lose sight of the customer by being internally focused. Transportation is all about the external.
  • Transportation strategy and technology, shippers need a short, medium, and long term view.



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