Best Title Ever

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I have held numerous titles in my personal and professional life, to name a few; PERSONAL: son, brother, cousin,  husband, uncle; Non-Profit: President, Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman; BUSINESS:  Warehouseman, Analyst, Dispatcher, Supervisor, Manager, Group Manager, Director, and President.However, In mid-October, when Tessa Marie was born to my daughter and son in law, my […]

Supply Chain Finance

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I’m  sure that those of you that know me are shocked,  SHOCKED  at this week’s topic given my past comments regarding finance such as ” Finance, they know the cost of everything but the value of nothing”. Many shippers talk of partnerships with suppliers( carriers) , being more strategic rather than tactical, asking carriers to […]

Coolest Trends in Transportation

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I was asked by a transportation blogger on ZINTRO.COM for a list of the 5 coolest transportation trends. I came up with 6: Movement to alternative fuels for class 8 tractors, CNG, compressed natural gas and LNG, liquid natural gas, with lower price points than diesel and less pollutants. Development of transportation  “APPS” for smart […]

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