The Distribution Operations Control Systems, (DOCS), was a home grown system that started as a PC to PC freight claims management system. We started with 3 objectives; eliminate errors, expedite shipments to customers, and to improve overall effectiveness and efficiency.

At the time DOCS was conceived, we processed some 600,000 orders a year; to 30,000 customers, that amounted to 2 billion pounds/140 million cases.  The claims processing system was very labor intensive and meeting customer requested delivery dates was a challenge that we failed to meet far too frequently.  Nabisco was spending an excessive amount of time on written and telephone communications.

As the team dug into the way loss and damage claims were managed, it became clear that they could move information electronically and expand the use of PCS to schedule delivery requirements, shipment notifications and other operational information.  We were committed to collaborating with our third parties who operated our distribution centers and the motor carriers.

We asked the carriers to provide us with a rate structure that provided them with a profit margin, and to work with us to identify the reason(s) that were driving up costs.  It was then that we worked with them, the distribution centers and the customers to identify the problem areas and find the resolutions.

This was the beginning of a partnership, a collaborative relationship that resulted in customer service expectations being exceeded and the carriers spending far less time on resolving service issues.

The following operational areas were included in monthly performance review. To include; on-time delivery, claims balance, damaged cases,  We now had a mechanism in place to measure and track problems for which remedies could be implemented. While our carriers and pool distributors found substantial productivity gains, as did our Regional Customer Service Centers and Corporate, the major accomplishment was exceeding Customer expectations.

There is more to share, e.g. the Nabisco mainframe was sending orders and load plans to the carriers and pool distributors, 48 hours in advance of the pickup date.  Carriers could then schedule their labor requirements and set up customer deliveries.

There is so much more that continued to improved communications, collaboration and effectiveness of all entities. Let me wrap this up by acknowledging team members, Tom Rice, Charley Ryan, Joe Lombardo, Steve Kingsbury and the Information Systems team, led by Demi Lappas and Joe Wisdo. There is little doubt that DOCS could have been created without the outstanding team work by the aforementioned and we must recognize the 120 carriers and 60 pool distributors.

I am so very proud and fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such an outstanding team of individuals, who once given an opportunity, could demonstrate the great skills and capabilities they possessed.  My heart pounds with pride as I reflect on Nabisco Foods Logistics accomplishments

Traffic Management Magazine included this information in a article, written by Frank Quinn.

Joe Andraski 3-25-2016