From a 06/15/15  Supply Management Blog by Ashwin Srinivasan. I took the liberty and  added ” transportation” to the title.  Strategic, transportation, procurement, and professional have been  important to me throughout my career as I firmly believe that is how you effectively source transportation. It is not about relentless  cost cutting pressure on suppliers, seeking the lowest rate,  conducting yearly RFP’s, changing suppliers over a difference of 2 cents per mile, and constantly beating up carriers. It is about the relationship, the big picture, innovation, and commitment by both parties.  Short term transaction thinking and action no longer will get shippers a supply of high quality carrier partners.

The six competencies listed in the article:

• Functional expert – has knowledge of processes and products
• Influence r – relates to people, builds relationships, effectively presents arguments
• Results seeker – meets deadlines, identifies actions, achieves goals
• Innovator – thinks creatively, anticipates changes, produces solutions
• Adapter – stays calm under pressure and handles criticism well
• Compiler – follows procedures and encourages others to as well

Joe Lombardo, NGNF (nice guy, no freight)

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