Congratulations to the McKay TransCold LLC leadership team(Randy McKay, Andrew McKay, Jason Spafford), the rest of the McKay team, BNSF Railway, NLCS, Van G Logistics, the customers on the first train, and any suppliers or partners of McKay that I missed for the inaugural departure of the west bound Dedicated Rail Boxcar Unit Train from Wilmington,IL. to Selma,CA. on Wednesday June 4th, 2014. The next westbound train is scheduled for June 11th, 2014 and the inaugural eastbound train is also scheduled for the same day. Based on an article on June 4th, 2014 in The Packer, ” Truckload rates climb as summer rush hits”, the start up comes at the right time.

More information on the TransCold Express at

Joe Lombardo, NGNF nice guy no freight

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