The above link is from Supply Management, a UK newsletter that focuses on procurement topics.

Being away from the day to day grind for well over a year, I do not miss  being a punching bag for internal and external stakeholders i.e.  whining carriers and distribution centers;  plants that insist they are ” different” and no one is like them; clueless customer service people; finance managers who know better than you how to source capacity; sales associates who think that trucks are just lined up outside of your DC’s waiting for a load; Corporate Purchasing staff who insist that transportation is a commodity and should be put out to bid frequently and of course always  award business to the carriers with the lowest rates; demand and supply planners with unrealistic expectations ” well Joe, just go out and charter a plane!!” ; ” Joe this is a real hot, hot, hot hot, hot shipment. It needs not team drivers but double teams???!!”  ; and I am sure I have missed a few.

I am not going to rehash the obvious: be a preferred shipper; be easy to do business with, be driver friendly;treat drivers with respect;set up trailer pools; pay freight bills on time; etc. Let’s boil it down to 5 letters, TRUST. The above  referenced article says it quite nicely ” Being a preferred customer involves knowing your suppliers and ensuring they know you; it’s also about  keeping your promises. Promises and TRUST are the roots from which business relationships and terms can grow and flourish.” I would also add: open and honest two way communication and following the ” Golden Rule” ( treat others as you wish to be treated).

Joe Lombardo, NGNF ( nice guy, no freight)


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