ARLINGTON, Va.— American Trucking Associations is taking this week to honor the 3.1 million professional truck drivers that deliver America’s freight safely and securely, every day.

“Professional truck drivers deliver our nation’s essential freight safely, every day,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “As a result of this commitment, our nation’s highways are the safest they have ever been and our grocery shelves are stocked. We as a nation, owe a great deal to the truck drivers out on our nation’s roads, as well as the families of those behind the wheel.”  source ATA press release

Let’s give a cheer and raise a beer( Root Beer of course) to the over 3 million professional drivers that make the US economy hum. It is a tough, lonely, and at times a  thankless job but one of the most critical positions that support  every company’s supply chain. A few statistics to keep in mind:

Driver Turnover 2012 Large Truck Load Carriers ( revenue > $ 30M)  100%.  Small Carriers 82%  (1)

Average Number of  Truckload Drivers needed per year over the next 10 years: 96,178 (1)

2012 Real Average Weekly Earnings for truckload drivers in 2012 dollars:       $ 810.00 down 11% since 1990 (2)

Annual Average Truck Driver Pay rose above $ 40,360 for the first time in 2012, but it is still 11.9% lower than the overall average U.S. wage of $ 45,790.  (3)

Headlines:  Transport Topics, November 8, 1999 ” Driver Retention, Efficiency Among Fleet Managers’ concerns”

Logistics Management, January 2013 ” Drivers (still) Wanted”

Again, thanks to all the company, private fleet, dedicated fleet, specialized fleet, LTL drivers and independent contractors for all that you do and please stay safe.

I know I sound like a broken record but it is critical that shippers, receivers, and regulatory agencies collaborate with the  trucking industry to help solve the driver shortage challenges.

Note 1: source ATA Benchmarking Guide Driver recruiting and Retention.

Note 2: Source U.S. Department of Labor

Note 3: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor and Journal of Commerce

Joe Lombardo, NGNF  ( nice guy no freight)

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