Carriers, shippers, receivers, and government agencies are all wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth over the shortage of qualified class 8 truck drivers.  We all know some of  the reasons, demographics ( aging baby boomer drivers), lousy lifestyle, government regulations (HOS and CSA), owner operators leaving the industry because they can’t make any money, etc. just to name a few.  Well, this NGNF(nice guy no freight) is trying to do something about it. Since 2009, I have been donating to (, who works with partners throughout the world to make micro loans to the disadvantaged. You are able to target your donation to a country, business sector, etc. $ 25.00 is the minimum loan amount. I have made 31 loans, 90% in the transportation sector with 47% of those loans in the U.S. In the U.S., my loans are targeted to primarily Hispanic owner operators trying to buy a truck for the first time,  expand their fleets, or buy needed parts. I have made loans  to operators in TX, NJ, CA, RI, and DC. I have also made transportation loans in 8 other countries.( hey man I am a global type guy).

I know it is not much, but sitting around whining about driver shortages does nothing. So I am challenging carriers, brokers, 3PL’s, industry associations( Food Shippers of America, TCA, ATA, AFFI, CSCMP, NCLC.), shippers, receivers,  and all readers of this blog to review the Kiva website and make a donation in the transportation sector.

As always your comments are welcome.

Joe Lombardo


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