From Stuart Daggett, Principles of Inland Transportation, 4th Edition (New York : Harper and Brothers, 1955) pp., 15-16, as referenced in Transportation in America, Donald V. Harper( Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey,  Prentice-Hall,Inc., 1978), page 4. ” An obvious benefit that society derives from goods  property or freight transportation is that it enables consumers to enjoy the benefits of goods which are not to be had in their immediate neighborhood because of climate or soil conditions, the lack of raw materials, power, or skill,  or because the cost of production is too great.”

The efficient multi-modal transport network( which most citizens take for granted)  in the US improves the quality of life for Americans, increases productivity, provides employment for millions, and raises living standards for all. It is imperative that we continue to invest in infrastructure ( roads, rails, airports, inland waterways, and ports) and have common sense regulatory and tax policies for freight transportation. The country will be better served by transferring the  focus, energy, funds, and debate on high speed passenger rail transportation to freight transportation, all modes.

Joe Lombardo, NGNF    ( nice guy no freight)

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