Haulin’ Pete    ” His Brains Are in His Feet”

Haulin’ Pete was a merry old soul, and a merry old soul was he. He hauled by the ton: He hauled by the peck;  Or he hauled for a lousy fee.

He weren’t particular ‘ bout what he drug, Or where he drug it to. A load of spuds, Or someone’s duds— He’d haul for a song or two.

He’d sit on top of a hefty load And sing till he bust a tire. His truck was the bunk, A mess o’ junk—- He was merely a hauler for hire !        ANONYMOUS*

* From Western Truck Owner, predecessor of Western Trucking Magazine, October, 1926 as published in :” This was Trucking” by Robert F. Karolevitz,  Bonanza Books page 183,  1966

87 years same issues…    low pay, lousy lifestyle, over weight loads, breakdowns, and little respect for the professional driver..  Who would want to be a driver then or now? 

Would love to hear your  comments     Joe  Lombardo, NGNF ( Nice Guy No Freight)




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