I was asked by a transportation blogger on ZINTRO.COM for a list of the 5 coolest transportation trends. I came up with 6:

  1. Movement to alternative fuels for class 8 tractors, CNG, compressed natural gas and LNG, liquid natural gas, with lower price points than diesel and less pollutants.
  2. Development of transportation  “APPS” for smart phones and tablets which will have a  transformational impact similar to what the Internet/world wide web  brought to our industry.
  3. Finding new uses for social media in transportation and supply chain. 3PL’s and carriers have lead the way. It is time for shippers and receivers to contribute.
  4. Expanded use of RFID tags for trailers at shipper and receiver locations ( see PINC Solutions). Providing real time equipment  location  information across the supply chain and increasing the efficiency  of the Yard spotter  are only 2 of the benefits of added visibility. It is also time for trailer OEM’s to apply permanent tags and carriers to tag their existing fleets with permanent units.
  5. Same day shipping in specific urban areas that will be offered by Amazon.com and Wal-Mart. Talk about speed to market and lead time reduction.
  6. Collaboration among shippers/receivers/carriers which has been talked about for at least 13 years is starting to actually happen as everyone is under enormous pressure to reduce landed costs and increase service levels.

Your comments and any additions would be appreciated

Joe  (NGNF)  nice guy no freight


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